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Since 2005, GIDEA Team has been designing our own Christmas cards to send out to friends and partners, this year we went a little bit further, created a whole print to digital experience in our 2010 Christmas Project. The theme this year is Christmas (of course) + Tainan, conveying what Christmas in the city that we live and work in (and loves) is like. The trip begins with receiving the Christmas Card with the outline of Tainan landmarks (including the GIDEA GROUP building of course), once you rip the card open, a website link takes you to GIDEA GROUP's rendition of Silent Night, arranged, recorded, performed by our team members. It was quite an experience for our team members to work in recording studio and music video shooting time into their already busy schedules, but to bring this blessing to our friends, everyone worked hard to pull it off. After the video, you can enter our special 2010 Christmas Project site which introduces the Tainan landmarks featured on the card, as well as a personalized message from all GIDEA GROUP members. If you didn't receive this card, and would like to receive our 2011 Christmas Card, please email your name, address and telephone to sp@gidea.com.tw (subject: Please send me 2011 Christmas Card). Merry Christmas Everyone!

好點子團隊從2005年開始設計屬於自己的聖誕卡片,將獨一無二的祝福寄給我們的親友與夥伴們。今年好點子決定更進一步,以完全數位印刷的方式來進行2010聖誕計畫。我們今年的主題是聖誕節(當然囉)+台南,希望能夠表達出聖誕節在我們所愛、所在的城市裡看起來是什麼樣子。這趟驚喜之旅從收到一張封面上繪著台南各大地標(包括好點子公司建築)的聖誕卡片開始,當您撕開這張卡片,裡面的網址將會帶領您去欣賞一場表演,一場由好點子團隊成員們精心編排、錄製的演出。在原本已經十分忙碌的生活之中撥出時間來拍攝、剪輯影片,對於好點子的全體成員們來說是相當難忘的體驗,為了將祝福送到朋友手上,大家可以說是拚了命地努力將它完成。緊接在影片之後是我們特別製作的2010聖誕網站,其中介紹了卡片上出現過的各個台南地標,還有每一個好點子成員留下的個人訊息。如果您沒能收到這張卡片,但是有意收藏我們的2011年新作的話,請將您的姓名、地址和聯絡電話e-mail到:sp@gidea.com.tw(主旨:請寄2011聖誕卡片給我),衷心祝福大家聖誕快樂!Merry Christmas!


Univacco Agenda Planner Book

In Univacco's 2011 Agenda Calendar Planner book, GIDEA GROUP has the challenge of not only putting a wonderful looking and feeling book together, but also to showcase Univacco's many wonderful hot stamping foil and cold foil products through our design. A very untraditional material was proposed and chosen for the cover, and a simple and practical design for good user experience. We hope the Univacco team and collaborators will find this little book useful to help manage their busy day to day lives.



Univacco Textile Foil Color Guide Design (2010)

GIDEA GROUP is happy to be updating the Textile Foil Color Guide for Univacco, using a concept we proposed for last year's version, which we think is quite useful, having the foil samples along the sides of the card allows designer to hold it up to the textile and garments they propose to use to see how the foil matches with the material.



Siraya Notebook and Picture Frame / 西拉雅鄉村之旅手扎與相框設計

G-idea is happy to present the notebook and picture frame designs and implementation for Siraya National Scenic Area, as part of our year round branding plan for Siraya NSA, these two touch points were meant to draw the visitors more into the heart of the "brand" of Siraya, communicating it's spirit and longing for a more natural and peaceful lifestyle filled with peace and quiet dignity.



MC2U wins 2010 iF Communication Design Award / MC2U包裝榮獲 2010 iF設計傳達獎

We are pleased to announce that our MC2U packaging design for JZN has won the 2010 iF Communication Design Award, our second one following Again, New Beginning last year.

Some info about the work:
MC2U (Merry Christmas to You) is a special Christmas gift-box packaging of Jiu Zhen Nan's classic pineapple cake. Due to its cute and simple appearance, the packaging was very well received by consumers during the holiday season. Taking the standard gold boxes for the pineapple, we created a very practical packaging, using gold with white to communicate a timeless holiday spirit.

很高興可以跟大家分享我們的「MC2U」包裝設計,榮獲了2010 iF設計傳達獎的榮譽,這是我們自2009「一元復始」之後,第二次榮獲iF設計獎。

MC2U (Merry Christmas to You) 是好點子為舊振南餅店所設計的聖誕節限量包裝,因為它可愛簡單的外觀,推出時深受消費者喜愛,從舊振南經典的金色鳳梨酥盒子開始,將外盒本身的結構變成外表產現的工具,搭配金色與白色簡單的配色,溝通了聖誕節經典的精神。


Siraya Travel 2010 Commercial / 西拉雅鄉村之旅

We are very happy for the opportunity to work with Japanese actress and celebrity Rattan Mai Sato for this commercial, it was a very fun experience, and we are very thankful for the amount of support our collaborators at Siraya (including the director) showed for our vision, to make a different type of Taiwan tourism film. Hope that it will give you a taste about what's possible in a Siraya countryside trip!


"30 second TV spot / 30秒國語版

extended cut / 加長版


Uni-President Secret Care Packaging Design / 統一舒密康升級版包裝設計

In coherence with the TA of this product, we wanted to create a very intimate feminine experience for this packaging, taking this main idea, adding the "premium" concept (as this is the premium version of the product) and applying the ease of use "slide out" for modern comfort. We are very happy that a lot of TA for this product communicated to us that they really felt "close" to this packaging...



TSMC 2010 Technology Forum Poster Design / 台積電2010科技論壇海報設計

For the 2010 poster design, we created the series logo as well as the main visual image and layout design. The background of the image represents the extension of the possibility of the "wafer" space, which is TSMC's main product and visual element. The tree shaped people element on the left side represents the purpose of the forum series, which is to transfer knowledge and ideas with one another for the benefit of the whole TSMC talent tree. We are especially thankful to Ray of TSMC for his support and encouragement throughout the work process, you guys are really great to work with!


Siraya Dried Mango Gift Box Design / 西拉雅芒果乾禮盒包裝設計

The Siraya dried mangos are not your ordinary dried mangos. Each mango can only be cut twice to produce two slices, and than the drying technique is more thoroughly like that used for Taiwanese caviar production. Each year the production is limited, so it's considered a very prestigious gift. We took all of this into consideration during our design process, and the end result if this work.



KMC Pink Lady Limited Edition Gift Box Packaging Design / 桂盟鍊條Pink Lady限量禮盒包裝設計

The limited edition Pink Lady packaging is a Pink Ribbon product, so our concept was very simple, why not use the pink chain, and turn it into a pink ribbon, using this concept we branched out into the structure and user experience analysis and created this modern looking gift box design for KMC Chain.

Pink Lady 是桂盟鍊條所推出的Pink Ribbon(粉紅色絲帶)慈善概念腳踏車鍊條商品,也因為是這樣,我們所採取的設計概念非常的簡單,將粉紅色的鍊條變成粉紅色絲帶的形狀,清楚簡單的溝通出所包裝的產品以及這個特殊禮盒包裝的主題。也是透過這個包裝,讓我們有機會可以首次與桂盟相當有朝氣與活潑的行銷團隊合作。


Matthew's Choice Brand Design / 馬修嚴選品牌規劃設計

We were very excited for the opportunity to work with Matthew, who is one of the pioneers of Taiwanese yogurt drinks (when he worked for the biggest food manufacturer in Taiwan) on his own premium brand yogurt. We began working with him on the outset, starting with name and brand storming. Selecting "Matthew's Choice" which represents both his tough screening process for the best organic and natural ingredients, and his personal choice of leaving the comfort of the corporate world for his dream and to work on something which is so personal.


The internet has become such an important channel to communicate with users
for the brand image and packaging, we took the brand pillars "Healthy, Sustainable Lifestyle" to heart, creating a look that communicate these values and the premium position of the brand's products, which extended to the product packaging and presentation.

For the gift box, we used the locally produced rock paper (made of 70% rock and 30% PE) for it's ability to help keep the yogurt cool as it travels, and because no glue or printing was used for the box, the materials can be returned to the supplier through Matthew's Choice for re-production with the most minimal waste, creating a true "cradle to cradle" environment that is both pleasant for the consumer and friendly to the planet and consumers.



For Matthew's Choice we wanted to create a very personal experience where the user can feel like they are interacting with Matthew personally and on an one on one level, and they can get the "taste" of the yogurts in their mouths as they read and see the images on the website.


Social networking tools like Facebook and YouTube and Journal Blog were also implemented so that the consumer can have a very personal and one on one access with both Matthew and the brand.

We are very happy with the result and the reception of the public on seeing and interacting with the brand, on a personal level, this user "unpacking" the whole experience really moved all of us in a profound way, thought we'd share it with you also here.



台南市政府特殊感謝狀設計 / Tainan City Special Thank You Certificate Design

We were approached by the director of the Tainan Cultural Center to create a special thank you certificate for Chi Mei Corp. for donating a Steinway piano to the Cultural Center, we cut this design out of a thick piece of acrylic, and notice the shape of the Steinway piano in the center with the text. A special hand made gift box was also created for handling. An interesting exercise for us.



JZN Scroll poster design 舊振南餅店捲軸海報設計

This special JZN scroll was created with the brand visual image we created earlier which you may remember seeing in High Speed Railways Stations. The idea is to further cement the idea of JZN pastry as "art" concept which we've developed for the JZN brand. We thought it as an interesting way to interact with long time supporters of the brand, that they can "preserve" the beauty of JZN pastries.



Univacco Metallic Foil Flyer Design / 岱稜科技燙金產品系列DM設計

Working with the Univacco team is always a very happy and creative process, often filled with joyful outbursts, we are happy to be able to work with Lynnette of Univacco who knows what she wants, yet allows us the freedom to experiment in reaching that vision. Here are some of the results of the collaboration, from idea to final printing. We are happy how they turned out.



Energy Farm Brand Website and More 元氣牧場網路行銷


For the Energy Farm Brand website, in order to create a memorable user experience, we conducted an extensive research on what our consumers wanted and would appreciate in our website, and the conclusion was: good egg recipes and reliable health information. With this knowledge, we also applied our belief of simple and friendly interface design, minimal text and usage of multimedia and illustrations when possible in creating websites. The result was a brand website many Uni-President PMs remark as "different and unique" compared with the company's usual website for it's many brands.

Using the website as a starting point, we also reached out to our users through the usage of social networking tool "Facebook", offering useful health and egg related information, as well as Energy Farm info updates. As well as iHergo group purchasing platform, to offer online users another way to interact with the Energy Farm brand.

在開始製作元氣牧場優鮮蛋品牌官網前,我們做了深度的消費者調查,了解我們的使用者在元氣的網站上面,希望得到的什麼樣的資訊或資源,他們告訴了我們:蛋食譜、以及蛋的相關健康資訊,使用這個做我們的出發點,我們請了電視、網路知名的林秋香老師特別為元氣牧場開發的健康養身食譜。套過好點子製作網站的記個哲學:1.簡單友善的使用者介面、2.文案使用盡量簡單有力、3. 多多使用多媒體影片以及圖片表格來溝通資訊,創造出元氣牧場優鮮蛋的官網,完成後也很高興聽到多位統一的夥伴們說這個網站比起統一許多其他品牌網站,相當的獨特,消費者反應也都相當的好。讓元氣牧場在新的一年的銷售,有很好的開始。


minimal text & lots of illustrations / 少字多圖的哲

many recipe selections / 許多的美味蛋食譜選

recipes are print friendly / 可以友善列印使用的食

Facebook Page / Facebook頁面

Energetic iHergo page / 有元氣的愛合購頁面

YouTube Page / YouTube 影片頁面

video multimedia usage / 影片多媒體使用

video multimedia usage / 影片多媒體使用

Links to Energy Farm sites:



Siraya Chinese New Year's Card 西拉雅國家風景區賀年卡


We're very happy for the opportunity to create this New Year's Card collection for the Siraya National Scenic Area, the card was also printed on Rock Paper, a eco-friendly material we have been using and experimenting with.

很高興可以為西拉雅國家風景區設計今年的賀年卡,外面所使用的海精神logo是我們為西拉雅國家風景區所設計的“牽手西拉雅”標誌,這張卡片也是使用相當有環保概念的石頭紙,最近透過在多件作品當中都嘗試使用石頭紙, 更加了解石頭紙的特性。


Liouguei Soap Project 六龜手感皂行銷包裝計畫


G-idea is very happy to unveil the results of our typhoon Morakot relief assistance project Liouguei Soap. From the choice of soap type, to the branding of the project using "hands", as the women of Liouguei uses their hands to collect fruit before, and now use it to make hand-made soap. As Chinese believe with palm reading that our hand documents our life, and tells our story. In a way, we wanted the project to speak of their personal struggle and triumphs, as they continue to toil hard and work even amidst the hardest circumstances. We are very grateful for the trust and encouragement of the NCKU (National Cheng Kung University) team who fought with us, and went the extra mile to help us protect our creation. This is one of our efforts which we are all very proud of, in it's purpose and result!

好點子很高興終於可以與大家分享我們六龜手感皂的作品,我們盡一點點力量協助六龜八八水災後重建所作的計畫,從協助選擇製造的皂形,到整個產品、想法的概念,包裝、影片,我們選擇使用“手”來作為這個產品、故事的傳達主軸,因為水災前,六龜的婦女是用他們的雙手來採蓮霧,幫家裡帶來多一份的收入,但是水災後,許多蓮霧圓都沒有了,所以現在他們開始製作手工肥皂,過程雖然很辛苦,因為需要重新學習新的技術,但是他們還是勇敢面對人生的挑戰。手同時其實也記載著我們的故事,因為年紀、工作,在手上所留下的痕跡、記錄都是不同的。我們在參與這個專案時,被許多人的生命力,以及努力而被感動,很高興可以參與這個很有意義的專案,讓我們覺得我們所作的,也可以帶來一些不同與改變,也很謝謝成功大學負責這個專案的團隊(Ivan and Aries)所給我們信任與支持,謝謝您們為我們堅持好點子的設計與創意。對這個作品的目的與結果都感到很驕傲!也教了許多好的新朋友!